Ten tips to make the perfect Christmas gift for wife

You know what are you are going to give for your wife this christmas?

As is tradition, at this time of year many people usually exchange gifts with their loved ones. If you do not know what to give you some tips, scientifically proven, that will make you look good with all those around you.

1. Know the person

Ryan Howe, a psychologist at San Francisco State University, “the most important in the exchange of gifts is that you show that you know the person you’re going to give you the gift and that you care about them.” This will transmit a real perception of yours

2. Customize the gift

Also, it is advisable to adapt the gift to the recipient and customize it according to your tastes. According to Howell, people who want to give something meaningful not buy the same gift and give it to all your friends.

3. Focus on practicality

A study published in the Journal of Consumer in 2014 found that gift-givers tend to focus more on the convenience of their gifts and less on how they could be used by the receiver. In other words, try to give something that is of benefit to your loved ones.

4. Give is synonymous with happiness

A document from the Harvard Business School found that giving gifts, either to friends or charity, is associated with joy. This is due to an environment of social connection, and positive feedback is created.

5. Gift with identity

Meanwhile, a study published in 2013 in International Journal of Happiness and Development, revealed that people feel happier to give a personalized gift to a friend or relative who anonymously.

6. Flatters something is done for you

Give happiness to your loved ones does not mean spending large amounts of money. A study published in the Journal of Marketing noted that people who receive homemade gifts made by yourself feel that demonstrate more love.

7. Neither be anti-consumerist

This does not mean that all your contributions must be made by yourself. And it is that a little commercialism also helps create social connections with others, especially if children are treated advises Allison Pugh, a sociologist at the University of Virginia.

8. Teach the value of things

Maybe enough money to buy the gift of your children does not always have. If you do not have the mark of the toy or garment that is important both wanted to talk to them and reason about the value of things. Thus they not channeled bad emotions.

9. Delivery experiences

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who receive Experiential gifts are more connected with the donor receiving something material. Some good choices of this would be tickets to a concert, an amusement park or the zoo.

10. In the end, the gift will be well received

People who expect a real gift and receive one end experiential report being more satisfied, explains Howell. In the case of children better off giving the latter, as it will help build memories that will last more than physical anything he says.

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Air Fryer Review – A cooking machine changes my life.

I was a fatty guy with the obssesion of going on for diet all the time. It never worked because I was so in love with fried food. I had to live with the vicious cirle of going on a diet and eating fried food. I thought it was never going to stop, but it did happen from the day I read an article by accident. It was an article named: Air fryer review– the revolution of the cooking machine.

After reading the article with the most exciting and nervous feeling ever, I had my eyes opened with every single word; I read the article from the beginning til the end, again and again. After that, I found more article and review on Google, asked for experience from friends, colleagues, relatives and family. I searched everywhere, I bought any books related to this cooking machine, and finally I bought myself one air fryer. Why was I so excited about this cooking machine? Because it can cook fried food with a very little amount of oil!

I unpacked the air fryer’s box. I took the instruction and read it carefully. It was so simple to use and looks safe for my kitchen and my house.

Air fryer is a cooking gadget that makes food done thoroughly by using just hot air. Hot air is circulating around the food at high speed, producing stunning crispy coating outside the food with as less oil as possible.

The phrase “as less oil as possible” itself reveals a lot of benefits:

  • 80% of oil you can save for each meal can save you so much money.
  • No more oil spliting on your eyes, your face, your body, it is much safer, it protects you from burning your skin every time you cook.
  • No more fire or explosion caused by oil leaking and burning by catching fire. You can put the air fryer there, set the time, temperature and go anywhere else to do your own job and everything is safe, clean and ready when you come back. Safety is always the best policy.
  • Less oil means reducing the risk of unhealthy problems: high cholesterol, extra calories, obesity, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic sydrome, etc… or even cancer. What is better than good healthy? Of course “healthy is gold”.

The air fryer looks kind of simillar to a normal rice cooker, use electricity to cook food inside. It has a removable tray to contain food inside which is easy to pull in, pull out and clean. This is a very user-friendly machine with simple buttons and simple adjustments to make.

I made thousands of fried meals and enjoy my very good time since then without gaining weight! I feel myseft happy and healthy than ever. This gadget is just like a life saver, it is better than anything I wish to have in my life.

I truly hope that my own air fryer review will somehow help you with your decision to buy one.